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Eight Years Since The Death of “Baby Girl” Aaliyah

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P.S. Today is eight years since the death of “Baby Girl” singer Aaliyah. She died in a plane crash coming back from a video shoot in the Bahamas.

In the almost 19 years of doing “Music Inner City TV” she was one of my favorite guests. She was so nice and sweet and a beautiful young lady.

I remember when I met and interviewed her here in Seattle. I have told this story before here on “MIC News Magazine”.

I did not have a interview with her when she came to Seattle for a concert. I was backstage to interview another artist so I went up to Aaliyah and asked her if we can conduct a interview.

She said hold on and went to ask her dad who was on the road with her. Dad said OK and we went and sat down and did about a 10 to 15 min interview. Which sorry to say I lost in my terrible fire in 2005.

But I did save a pic of Aaliyah and myself that you see right here in this article.

The pic is not so clear because it was taken from the video of our interview on a older camcorder. But I do have a memory of the interview with Aaliyah.

She was talented and a trend setter. All I can say is we all miss you “Baby Girl” We think about you all the time. We know you are singing with the angels in heaven. Gordon Curvey

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