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Media Matters Going After CNN’s Lou Dobbs

P.S. What is the problem with Lou Dobbs? Media Matters is going after the CNN host over his treatment of President Obama and his birth certificate.

Far right guys like Sean Hannity and Lars Larsen and others are joining Dobbs saying our President is not a American citizen and does not have a legal birth certificate. What a joke!!!

Here is the question. Why are these folks bringing this up right now? President Obama has been in office for months so why are they bringing this crap up now? What is up? This is crazy and very very unfair.

To me, this is pure racism by Lou Dobbs and others. Trying to bring our President down like Hannity and Dobbs and Rush and Laura do each and every day on radio and tv. Some people are conducting a smear campeign against President Obama.

Media Matters has produced a 30 sec commercial about Dobbs (click above to view commercial) and his treatment of our President BUT you you are right…..CNN refused to run it. Weak!!!!

This crap about President Obama and providing a birth certificate is pure BS!!!

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