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KUBE93 & Artists Did Not Care About The Kids At Summer Jam

“One Man’s Opinion” By Gordon Curvey


This is a follow up to my first story regarding the KUBE93 Summer Jam which was held on July 25th here in the Seattle area.

I watched the Summer Jam online at KUBE’s website. And what I saw and heard was a outrage. What made it different than any hip-hop show you ask? It is because in my strong opinion, parents was at fault and KUBE93 manangement was at fault.

The parents was at fault for allowing their young kids to be there in attendence to hear Ladacris and Akon and other artists rap and sing about sex acts etc.

KUBE93 manangement led by Eric Powers, Shellie Hart, Karen Wild and general manager Michele Groesnick was wrong for not putting a parental advisory on tickets and on there websites.

Again readers, I heard Lada rap about ladies giving “giving him head” and ladies licking him all over and Akon discussing sex and artists using the word “Fuck” and the word NIGGA a thousands times. All this with young kids in the audience.

I should not be the only one speaking out on this. More folks should be outraged. Even, KUBE93 Eddie Fransis joined in and used the word “Fuck” on stage. More than once. A KUBE dj. I have a major problem with that. Again, KUBE management allowed the rappers/singers and one of there dj’s to use this way of speech with kids in the attendence. THIS IS WRONG!!

But all KUBE93 cares about is making money of off black people or people of color. With there management being all white. Even Eric Powers “sidekick” is white “Dirty Harry”. He “tries” to talk slang like cats in the inner city but sorry …….it does not work.

Again Ludacris (pic above with President Obama) has a youth foundation for kids BUT he turns around and raps about ladies “giving him head” etc!!! What is going on readers????

I hope people will read this and think about what I am saying. I am not some older cat whining. I am trying to say KUBE93 is wrong PERIOD. And I will continue to use my voice to speak out until things improve. Gordon Curvey

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