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2009 B.E.T Awards And It’s Tribute To Michael Jackson

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P.S. In the article is video from the recent B.E.T Awards at the Shine Auditorium in Los Angeles during the fall out of the death of Michael Jackson.

The red carpet was packed with celebrities and media. It was the place to be. For the first time, I was not there. A long story as to why but I did not make it.

BUT Music Inner City TV will STILL have coverage of the red carpet and and more in the few weeks so look out for that right here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” and of course on “Music Inner City TV” on Comcast On Demand all over Western Washington state 24 hours a day!!

I have saw that some folks were critical of Jamie Foxx pumping up his new tour etc but I think he did a great job. Yes he did talk about his tour a lot but most likely B.E.T agreed with Foxx that would not be a problem.

During the appearance of New Edition, Bobby Brown was there rockin the mic. Other members said, when ever Brown was to join them he is always welcomed. Looked like Bobby has gained a few pounds!!

Overall it was a good show. I know B.E.T had to scramble to put together the show after the terrible passing of MJ. Shout out to Debra Lee and everyone at B.E.T for making it happen. G.C

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