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Sharpton With MJ But Where Is The Pressure On Hannity?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I am bold enough to say these things about Rev Al Sharpton here on my site. I will take the heat from any of you readers who disagree with me.

I am kind of tired of seeing Rev Sharpton on CNN and MSNBC and even Fox News. Being seen. I think Rev Sharpton loves being in front of the national spotlight on Larry King and Anderson Cooper and Headline News and even the bigot……Sean Hannity.

The same Hannity who is treating President Obama like a dog EACH AND EVERY NIGHT!! Hannity is on a flat out mission against our President. From day one when he got elected as President, Hannity said OK he will bring President Obama down on his show and TV and his radio show.

You can see the anger in Hannity’s face when he talks about old news like Rev Wright and Bill Ayers and “Obama’s radical friends”

Where is Rev Sharpton and Rev Jackson when it comes to going after Fox News and Hannity? Maybe a march by the National Action Network? Or going after Fox News and Hannity’s advertisers?

I have tried to bring the topic of Hannity and his RACIST treatment of President Obama on Rev Sharpton’s Radio One talk show but for some reason he quickly says a few words and moves on to another caller or topic. The question is why?

Why isn’t Rev Sharpton’s National Action Network and Rev Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition going after Fox News and Sean Hannity for there uneven and unfair treatment of President Obama?

He has no problem jumping in front of the national tv cameras to be seen about “The Godfather” James Brown and “The King Of Pop” Michael Jackson and other topics BUT when it comes to going after Fox News and there treatment of our President, Rev Sharpton and Rev Jackson are no shows.

Shout out to Davey D and Media Matters( see the link for “Only On Fox to the right) and a few others who are joining me in this fight against Fox News and Sean Hannity. It is time for Rev Sharpton and Rev Jackson to stop running to be on national TV at a drop of a hat and help stop the mis-treatment of President Obama

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