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Ladies Get Ready To Try Out For “For The Love Of Ray J 2”

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P.S. Well we knew it was coming right readers? Another season of “The The Love Of Ray J” Come on now. Give us a break!! We knew Ray J was not going keep the female he picked one the first show. And the ratings was real good on vh1 so here we go, another season.

I watched the show and was disappointed in the female he picked but he picked her. But like I said I knew that was a short time relationship.

Anyway readers it is time for “For The Love Of Ray J 2” and he going to have ladies send in there information etc and you can bet Ray J is going to get thousands and thousands of ladies entering for season two.

It is going to be real interesting. How many ladies will apply. Who will Ray J pic for the show. Will his sister Brandy help out again on the new show? We will have all the info right here on MIC News Magazine. G.C.

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