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James Not Showing Leadership By Walking Out

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P.S. LeBron is suppose to be a leader, a superstar, the “King”. Yes he is only 24. But that is no excuse for James walking out and not shaking hands with the Magic players after the Cavs got beat by his Olympic teammate Dwight Howard and the Orland Magic.

By doing that and then not talk to the media in the media room was wrong. He acted uppity. Like he is better than everyone else.

When MJ was young, he talked to the media etc after they were eliminated. Kobe got beat real bad last year by the Celtics but he shook all the Celtics hand and talked to the media too. James should have done the same.

To makes matters, a day after he did all this, he would not back down. He said he did not want to shake the hands of players after they got beat. BUT if the Cavs won, that would be a totally different story. Plus to make matters worse, he was wearing a New York hat. My brotha just does not get it. Hopefully James will learn from all this and do better next time. G.C.

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