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Is 2Pac Still Living? Check This Out Readers!

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P.S Boy if you look at this cat in the clip, he sure looks like Pac. Of course we all know, it is not him but even if the video is very fuzzy, you can see the dude and he look like Pac.

Every time I think of him or hear some of his music, I think what a waste, what a waste. The cat was so talented.

He could act and rap. He was turning into a very good actor. But Pac had that “thug life” in him that rode with him to his grave.

To me there has never been a Pac since his death, Biggie and Pac were of the two best rappers of all time in my opinion. And Nas is up their with them.

To bad, even in death, their are battles going on with his music or his life which involves him mother. I have a article on this topic in the very near future right here on Music Inner City Online. Gordon Curvey

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