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Singer Chris Brown Charged Over Rihanna Assult

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PS Brown is in some serious trouble. This is for sure. Some people are saying he is being tried already in the media but in my mind dude is already guilty. Sorry this is how I feel.

After all he did say he is sorry hasn’t he? IF Chris Brown assaulted the beautiful Rihanna, he needs to go to jail for awhile to learn his lesson.

A man should NEVER hit a lady. NEVER. Walk away or something. IF it is true Brown, he needs help with his temper. He needs counseling as soon as possible.

Is Chris Brown’s career in trouble? Oh yeah it is. Now check this out. Brown could go to court and be found not guilty. After all R. Kelly got off. So it could happen for Chris.

So it is going to be interesting to see what happens in the coming months in this terrible and sad case. A love story of two young stars, gone bad. Gordon Curvey

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