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Biggie’s Mom Wants To Talk To Lil Kim (Essence)

LIL KIM HAS A PROBLEM WITH MRS. WALLACE (full story click here)

PS Mother of Biggie and Lil Kim have a problem regarding the new movie out about Big’s life. Kim also is having a problem with Big’s ex-wife Faith Evans.

I hope they all can work things out. This is not good with Big’s kids standing by watching all this go on. They need to qucikly end this problem and move on.

And hopefully one day they will find the killer of Big. And not only that, find the killer’s of 2Pac and Jam Master J.

You know someone knows something about these killings but they do not want to talk. For the benefit of the Wallace family and the families of 2Pac and Jam Master J, let’s hope someone will finally give up some information so who ever did these killings can be dealt with. Gordon Curvey

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