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Hamilton Looks To Become More Mainstream (ap)

New York-Anthony Hamilton has achieved platinum status with his old cshool soul sound, but the 37 year old singer wants more.

The Grammy nominated crooner is hoping to take his career to the next level with his new CD, “The Point Of It All.”

To get to that point, Hamilton’s switched up his style a bit. He doesn’t sound as melancholy and even tackles a more uptempo sound this time around.

AP: How is the new CD different compared to your past projects?

Hamilton: Well on this one, I’m not heartbroken, I’m not sad, depressed or down right now. (Making) sure that I could still capture the same emotion that affected people (and) going into more uptempo songs (that) could be a bit challenging. So I wanted to make sure I could still keep your attention and make you feel like, “OK, this is the same Anthony Hamilton who cares about the schools and the jail systems or whatever.”

AP: Why aren’t you as sad or depressed?

Hamilton: I got a good woman. I have a beautiful wife now, who praised me out of the pit and brings happiness to my life that most men often desire, but run from.

AP: How did it feel to record the more uptempo songs on the new album?

Hamilton: I was a breakdancer, so I like to dance. It was getting the right songs that fit me, that doesn’t seem like singing too fast or out of my character, (that) is always the important part. Just knowing that if you get the right music, you can make the best song, whether it;s fast or slow. The only thing I wanted to do was allow people to dance. The time right now is not a good one, everybody’s depressed about the economy, so everybody’s got a lot on their plate, so the only thing I wanted to do was take the same message and have people turn it around and instead of worrying about it, laugh about it, dance it off, you can sweat out something.

AP: What’s been the most challenging part of your career so far?

Hamilton: Getting magazine publications, the front and center, because I have a story to tell. Getting that kind of exposure, the exposure that you see John Legend and Beyonce get, the mainstream exposure, that’s more challenging

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