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Why Did “First Take” Host Stephen A. Smith Call The NBA Office On Russell Westbrook?

Why Did “First Take” Host Stephen A. Smith Call The NBA Office On Russell Westbrook?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I have been thinking about saying a few things on ESPN host Stephen A. Smith for a long time readers. I have been putting it off and putting it off. But now is the time.

Smith most likely is the highest paid on TV host at ESPN. It is him and Pat McAfee. Both make a LOT of money for themselves and ESPN. They obtain really good ratings for ESPN. Ratings mean money in the television game.

Yes, I agree with Stephen A most of the time. Especially when it comes to topics of race and race relations in America in sports.

But many times I disagree with him on many issues. Even when it comes to race and race relations in America. Recently I have disagreed with Smith BIG TIME on a few topics. One when it comes to former President Trump and the other topic has to do with Los Angeles Clippers guard Russell Westbrook. I said to myself what is dude doing or talking about!

I do not want to get into politics. But Smith made some comments about what Trump is going though with the law recently we as African Americans can sort of relate. SAY WHAT??

Ladies and gentlemen I could NOT understand why Stephen A would say such a ridiculous comment/views!! What made Smith think this way readers is beyond me. Where was Smith mind at to say this BS on his webcast. Just a backwards, empty headed comment.

Many folks put Smith on blast for his views on Trump like Roland Martin who has a popular webcast online that you need to check out. I am going to do a story on Roland soon.

To make matters worse, Smith made these comments and more crazy things on “his friend” Fox New host and Trump buddy and supporter Sean Hannity TV show!! Again…SAY WHAT?? Unreal!!

Now check this out ladies and gentlemen. I have more criticism of Stephen A. Smith. Recently NBA player and future Hall of Fame member Russell Westbrook, got into a tangle in a recent NBA playoff game between the Clippers and Mavs.

Russell and a player on the Mavs got into a heated argument on the court and things got out of hand. Because of that, Westbrook was given two techs which is a automatic ejection from the game. Russ was gone.

Well for some unknown reason, Smith decided to ask a few questions. So what did he do? He actually CALLED THE NBA OFFICES AND ASKED WHY WASN’T RUSS SUSPENDED for a game or two for throwing a so called punch in his problems on the court vs the Mavs.

YES Smith called the NBA league offices folks!!! And told everyone about it on his webcast, “The Stephen A. Smith Show.”

And NBA followers started to roast Smith for called the NBA offices asking questions about the Westbrook incident. Ex player Stephen Jackson and others could not understand WHY Stephen A. did what he did.

But Smith as he likes to say over and over and time and time again says “Yes I did call the league offices and all you folks dogging me…I DON’T GIVE A DAMN.”

To make matters worse, Stephen A. doubled down on him calling the NBA offices regarding Russ and why he was not suspended, a few days later. Again saying “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN”

Now to give a little credit to Smith, He sort of said he was sorry for the Trump crazy views. But he has not said he is sorry on the Westbrook situation. As I said a little earlier in the article, 90% of the time I agree with Smith on issues and am proud to see a black man take stands on issues when it comes to issues regarding race and racism in sports.

Here is another thing about Smith. WHY does Stephen A always call white guys “a brotha?” NO a white guy is not a “brotha” A “brotha” in my opinion coming from a African American, is another African American. Do you agree or disagree? Comment information below.

But ladies and gentlemen, when it comes politics, Stephen A. needs to stay clear of making his feelings known in the public eye in my strong opinion, and just STICK TO SPORTS!!!

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